Dear Pathology

Dear Pathology

I want to say thank you for all that you have done and the great work that you do each and every day.

It was 2013 when I first had the opportunity to meet you. No, it was not in person but I was extremely sick and went to the ER. One of the first things the ER doctor wanted to do was to get my labs drawn to see if there was anything majorly wrong before he made a full and complete diagnoses. When my labs came back it showed that my kidneys had failed, and that dialysis was needed, I think of those that did my labs that day. Though I never saw you in person, you saved my life that day.

When I was on dialysis, the start of every month, my labs would be drawn and sent off to you. I always dreaded seeing the dietician for I was afraid she was going to see that I ate to much cheese the day before or maybe I did not eat enough proteins that week. Most of the time my report was good but every now and again your report showed them that I got a little off track. I thank you for these reports, for without them I would not be where I am today. When I was going through the transplant processes the labs you played a major role in this. There was a nephrologist friend of mine that said when it comes to transplant without the labs and the pathology, we would be shooting in the dark. How true this statement it!

In 2018, I was asked to speak to you at the ASCP ( American Society of Clinical Pathology) annual meeting. Though at the time I was not to sure what pathology was, I went to speak and share my story. I was able to learn more about you and what you do and the lives you save every day. By meeting you and getting to know you first hand over the past couple years. I have found out that you do an extraordinary job and rise to the challenge to save lives.

When the Covid-19 I was concerned because I knew that you would have to go face to face with the disease daily basis. You have you put your own life on the line in the face of a dangerous foe to not only diagnose this cursed disease but to save the lives of others. What can I say to thank you, I am not sure that words will properly say what I am feeling. I do hope that my actions will. By my action I mean living life to its fullest, sharing hope with the world, working for the good of others, and raising my kids in a way that they become meaningful in the world.

Because of you, myself and many others have another chance at life and are not a memory. there is something that I say all the time and it is this. what I do today may effect generations to come. You truly have affected generations to come in such a positive way and we are ever grateful. To you pathology we celebrate you this week and thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the sacrifice you make, the lives you have saved and your determination to keep making a positive change on our world today.

Ever Grateful

Anthony E Reed

CEO Kidney Trails/Master Kidney Coach/ASCP Patient Champion

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