But I just went fishing…….

I got a whale of a tale to tell you now a whale of a tale or two……

Being on dialysis took a lot out of me and somedays I just wanted to relax and for some there is fewer ways to relax than to go fishing. Personally I am not a big fan of fishing but when my uncle called me one day and said he wanted to go that afternoon and he wanted someone to go with him, I readily agreed. My uncle and I have been close and I would go so far as to say best friends even brothers, and we did many things on spur of the moment. This was one of them.

I was glad to get out of house and do something other than work. So he picked me up and we went fishing and he decide that we would go in his canoe. It was a wonderful time. Like I said fishing is not my most favorite thing to do but I was along for the ride. Now I want explain a few things, first off I still had the catheter in my chest and one of the big no no’s is DONT GET IT WET for this could lead to an infection. Second, I had my fistula but it was still maturing and it looked as though it still had a few weeks to mature.

While it was in my mind not to get it wet I took some pre-cations such as wearing a rain jacket but other than that there was no other precautions I took which would come back to bite me. Now it is recommend to find someway to cover it and my clinic had said something about wrapping it with saran wrap so it did not get wet but this took to much time for me so I went on without it.

This was a Friday afternoon and then Saturday I went to treatment as I normally would but come Sunday morning I was very tired and was also running a fever. My mom got concerned and called the nephrologist on call and let him know what was going. He recommended us to go to the ER to get checked out for he was concerned about a possible infection. With a chest catheter they are prone to infection and if they get infected it can cause major issues if not taken care of quickly.

So we went in to the ER and they tested and confirmed what they had suspected, The catheter got infected. Of course once this had come back they started to ask what I had been doing and somewhere along the way I said I had been fishing which was more than likely the cause. During the fishing trip I had gotten wet which in turn caused the infection. They admitted me and started to give me anti-biotics to help fight the infections. The plan was to have the catheter taken out and place a new one in the other side of my chest. So on Monday the surgeon came by to take out the catheter while he was doing this he checked my fistula and said we could start using this in 2-3 weeks. Oooooh so close so far I was hoping not go through another surgery but this was inevitable. They schedule my surgery to put a new catheter. This surgery was more difficult for me than the first one. I was in more pain and also more sicker. Now this could have been in part that I was still battling an infection but no matter what I had a new catheter in place anti-biotics being given and I was on the mend.

What trouble one fishing trip caused me! Before you decide to do anything new, I recommend discussing it with your care team to see what precautions you may need to take. Also as a a side note if you are able to get a fistula make the appointment as soon as possible .

Check back next week as I will be deviating a little bit from my story and writing about the The Lab My medical GPS in celebration of Pathology week. Oh and Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t miss any new and exciting content, and keep traveling on to the peak of success. Until next time……

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