The view from the dialysis chair.

So what is it like to be a dialysis patient? There were many experiences that I had and I will share some of these with you in future but in this blog post I want to share with you what it was like to be in the chair. Last week I talked about learning the lesson the first time, and because I refused to learn the lesson. Life signed me up for class and had a dialysis chair ready for me.

As I would sit in the chair it would be for a 3 hour and 45 minute treatment. Now I could move a little such as readjusting my position or try to get a little bit more comfortable but it would be carefully for if I moved to much, it would make my machine alarm and my treatment could possibly be longer. It it is best to stay for the whole treatment and try not to ask to get off any earlier. The only time I would ask to get off is if I had to go to the restroom and then I would come back to finish my treatment. More often than not I had good treatments but when I went to treatment I would make sure to pack some essential things for the journey.

Some of the things that I would take would be things such as my phone, headphones, phone charger and maybe a book. I will say right here that a book such as Michal Crossland’s book can be a huge help for those that need inspiration and motivation on their journey. Listening to music or reading a motivational book was one way to pass the time. Many times a song that I would be listening to would touch me in way like never before or I would read a book and something that was written in it would touch me to the very core. You see it felt as though I was all alone on the journey even though there were many around me, and during these times is when these things were the most helpful. Talking to the other patients would help as well for they would share their experiences and we would encourage each other and talk about different things including our families, what we did the day before and even our all time favorite subject which was was the food we could not eat. Like pizza, hot dogs, baloney sandwich’s with potato chips (Sorry Carol and to all the renal dieticians) and so on. All kidding aside those conversations would help us on the journey.

Other than music, reading or talking to patients, talking to the care team would help as well. Not only would we talk but there was times that we would joke around, sing songs and even talk about what I should eat as a dialysis patient. This is so important, and can help the patients in so many ways. It was times like these that made the treatment go quicker and gave me hope to continue on. Not only did the support come from the clinic but also came from someone I did not even know at the time. Be sure to stay tuned for the next blog coming up “What I do today may affect generations to come” to read about this next exciting experience.

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