Time to Travel

After a few days of being in the hospital with the dialysis treatments going well, it was time to be discharged. I would next go to an in-center hemodialysis clinic on an outpatient basis. I would imagine that most people after being in the hospital are excited to go home. This surely was the case for me. I had longed to sleep in my own bed, be with my family and friends, and just rest. The Nephrologist was able to secure a spot for me at an in-center dialysis clinic. Usually when it comes to getting a dialysis slot, you receive what is open and then hopefully in the future you can schedule a time that works better for you. The schedule for an in-center dialysis patient is generally three days a week for four hours each treatment. When beginning dialysis in the acute setting, they will start with a two hour treatment and then work the patient up to a 4 hour treatment. I believe they had worked up to only a 3 hour session with me. With this appointment in place for the in-center dialysis treatment, I was discharged and sent home. I would start my first in-center treatment on the following Monday. Over the weekend I was able to sleep in my own bed and just be home. What a relief this was, though I had treatment the coming Monday. It was good to be home. Going to my first in-center treatment is the next part of the journey. What I experienced that day was something that would change my life and set my feet on a different path.

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