A friend in time of need.

When I first found out that I had end stage renal disease, and knew that I was going to have to go on dialysis, I started to let my friends know. During my time in the hospital, many of my friends would text or call to see how I was doing. But there is one story in particular that comes to mind. Throughout my hospital stay, my family came to visit and sit with me for a while. This truly helped me because I needed the encouragement. But one day a special friend came to visit, I was in the process of doing a treatment when he arrived. He went to my hospital room, but was told that I was doing dialysis in the acute dialysis center in another part of the hospital. He inquired where that was located and they gave him the dialysis room number so he could visit me there. When he appeared around the doorway I was so excited that he had come. We talked for a little bit, and he encouraged me to be strong, and during our conversation at one point he turned his head away from me, and I saw a tear come down his eye. He tried to hide it and I pretended not to notice. But I did and it touched me down to my very core.
You see he had come expecting to see me in my room, but instead he found me hooked to a machine that was saving my life and it had an affected him. What an example this friend was to me he taught me a valuable lesson that day and this is what it is. A true friend is one that is there in your time of need to encourage you and lift you up when you are feeling down and sometimes just to listen. They stick with you through the good times and bad times. How valuable friends like these are don’t take them for granted. What about us can we be that friend to others that are around us? Yes we can and when we are we get a more fulfillment out of life. In the next blog post it will be time for me to leave the hospital and go home.

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