Traveling Into the Unknown

As I think back to the day when I was first diagnosed, I can distinctly remember what it felt like. It was as though I was walking on a smooth path and all of a sudden I came to this trail that was dark and overgrown.

When the ER doctor said those fateful words, ” Your kidneys have failed you and you need to start dialysis very quickly,” I was shocked. I had no prior warning that my kidneys were failing and those words shook my small world to its very core. In that instant It seemed to take my dreams for my future. The dreams that I had held for all my life. I saw them slip right through my hands like grains of sand.

While sitting in that room, my life changed dramatically. The path that I was comfortable traveling and knew very well was now gone. All I could see was the unknown.

Traveling into the unknown can be scary for many. Some will refuse to take even the first step. Looking back I now realize that the path I was facing was a path full of adventure.

There is a quote by Jim Rohn that says, ” I would rather live 30 years of adventure then 100 years of safety and security.” This is one of the lessons that I have learned. To live for adventure or else you may die in security. In my life, I have known many people that live in security. They resemble zombies going about their daily life. They have no purpose. This path called dialysis was a path that I had to travel to find my purpose.

Some of the hardest times in my life have yielded the best lessons. A few days after being diagnosed, I took my first step towards adventure and began to travel the Kidney Trails.

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