Notes from the Kidney Trail.

The Journey may be unexpected but if you are prepared to travel you can make it to the top.

In spring of 2013 I was diagnosed with stage 5 Kidney failure and that I would need to start dialysis very quickly or my future that I had seen for myself would be cut short. In the next few days I started this journey that many call dialysis. But when this journey started it was not easy and there were days that I needed encouragement to press on. I want to share with you some quotes and tips that helped me be able to reach the top of the trail.

Words that are well spoken and written can lift you up and give you strength to journey on. Just like if you are a hiking trail you may get tired and a word of encouragement from a fellow hiker can help you make it father. When dialysis was my only option for surviving there was a lot of things going through my mind. What is ahead, will I make it, is there a future for me? So many questions and very few answers.

One of the first quotes that went through my mind was one from Zig Ziglar “You are born to win.”

Just take a moment and think that we, you and I were born to win. What a encouraging thought this was and still is true today. We may be facing something greater than we ever have before but when it comes down to it. We were born to win.

There is a lot of wisdom in this. I took this thought through out my journey and it gave me the mojo to continue the trail that I was on. Just that one quote gave me hope that I would come out a winner because I was born to win.

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